Dewatering Truck (Pumping&Cleaning)

NT-1300 Dewatering Truck


The NT-1300 is a combination of a vacuum and on-site dewatering system. The NT-1300 vacuums septic tanks and grease traps, dewaters and returns the reject water back to the septic tank or grease trap. With the NT-1300 it is possible to empty up to eighteen 1000 gallon septic tanks or grease traps before it is necessary to dump the solids. Based on achieving an 85% volume reduction from a sludge stream with 2% solids.


THE VACUUM TANK has a volume capacity of 1300 gallons for vacuuming up liquid for processing. The charging end of the tank has a bar screen built in to remove large objects such as rags, paper, large stones, etc.

THE DEWATERING TANK has a volume of 2500 gallons that consists of screens for separating solids from liquids.

THE REJECT WATER TANK has a volume of 1000 gallons for holding reject water for later discharge or for use with clean in place (CIP) system.

THE POLYMER TANK has a capacity of 265 gallons.

THE HYDRAULIC CONTROL AREA is where all the factory speeds are set.

THE VACUUM PUMP is a Masport 400 cfm and is driven by a hydraulic transmission.

THE SLUDGE PUMP is hydraulically driven Allweiler, with a capacity of 180 gpm max @ 500 rpm

THE POLYMER PUMP is hydraulically driven Allweiler, with a capacity of 25.8 gpm max @ 860 rpm.

THE JETTER PUMP has a capacity of 4.3 gallons/minute at 3000 psi equipped with 50ft. of 3/8” hose.

THE CONTROL BOX controls the NT-1300 System.

The operation of the NT-1300 is fully hydraulic and the operation/control of the system is done by means of push buttons and manual valves.

The empty weight of the NT-1300 (excluding the truck chassis is approximately 12,000 pounds.

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